My Brother’s House is an independent, not-for-profit (501c[3]) residential housing and faith-based counseling facility group dedicated to the veterans of America’s fighting forces.  Our homes located nationwide, provide shelter and short-term crisis counseling needs of returning, disabled, and elderly veterans of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, their National Guard units, reserves, and auxiliaries.  My Brother’s House works closely with allied agencies and organizations, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), American Veterans Association (AMVETS), the Department of Disabled Services, local religious institutions, hospitals, homeless services groups, and mental health professionals, to create a safe, positive, affirming residential environment for each veteran.

Our commitment to all the men and women who selflessly gave of themselves to preserve our country’s freedoms, and keep us living without fear, is reflected in our service ethic towards all who seek our assistance.  We strive to provide the highest level of quality care and assistance, with respect for the honor and dignity of every veteran, no matter where life after military service has taken them.  It is said that every soldier, airman, sailor, and Marine looks upon the person serving alongside them as their brother or sister.  In keeping with that centuries-old tradition, these will be their houses. 

Our brave men and women did not hesitate to answer their country’s call to arms.  My Brother’s House is dedicated to the same unhesitating response to their post-service needs, following all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.  When our veterans step off the battlefield, they shouldn’t find a new one waiting for them at home.  My Brother’s House is part of that welcoming effort to stand up for those who so proudly stood up for all of us

About My Brother's House