To provide safe, supportive housing for the veterans of our Armed Forces, its reserves, National Guard units, and their families, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or income level.  My Brother’s House offers short and long-term housing in various locations throughout the United States, and commensurate with the continuing needs of the Veteran population within each community.  My Brother’s House also provides short-term and residential counseling utilizing appropriately accredited, licensed, and/or certified professionals, and maintains partnerships with mental-health care facilities and hospitals, for longer-term client needs.
My Brother’s House operates under the direction of its Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Remolia Simpson, its Board Of Directors, executive personnel, staff, and volunteers.  These individuals facilitate all aspects of service delivery, housing arrangements, residence procurement, maintenance, and improvement.  Our officers and staff coordinate the organization’s activities and daily operations with local, state, and Federal agencies, as well as with our corporate supporters and the community at large.
The activities and operations of My Brother’s House are currently conducted at our housing locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, and Virginia, with future expansion into other states as growth may demand; online via our website and social media; within the communities we serve, and at public events in support of the Veteran community. The activities of My Brother’s House occur daily, 365 days a year.
My Brother’s House charges modest rental fees to the Veterans we serve, determined by using metrics including, but not limited to, the individual client’s income level, support services available, value of the living space to be rented, and the individual needs of the clients themselves.   We may arrange for rent to be paid to us by such agencies as Social Security Disability, or via a homeless services agency.  My Brother’s House also operates public benefit events from time to time, for the purposes of fundraising to support our operations, and we solicit public and private donations via our website and social media.
My Brother’s House spends 100% of its time performing our administrative and operational duties, utilizing all its available resources for these purposes.